Tabari Brannon: Your Friendly, Results-Driven Data Scientist


Tabari Brannon is a personable and passionate Data Scientist known for his ability to craft data-driven strategies that propel business growth. With a keen eye for optimizing processes, Tabari has made a name for himself in driving continuous improvement across diverse industries, including commercial real estate and agriculture.

His machine learning and ETL development expertise enable him to build dynamic, collaborative teams that achieve outstanding results. Tabari's unique talent for translating complex business needs into practical technical solutions has led to impressive accomplishments in software development, data management, and analytics.

As a lifelong learner, Tabari proudly holds an MSc in Data Science from Eastern University and is always eager to deepen his knowledge of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Tableau, and TensorFlow.

Please reach out to Tabari Brannon, your friendly data science expert, to find out what a personal touch can make in unlocking the potential of your business through data-driven solutions.